Fairy Houses

A fairy house that any fairy would be happy to call home.  It's decorated with magical vines, flowers, potted plants, butterflies, dragonflies and some even have a turtle or two.  There are doorknobs, window shutters and it has escape hatches in the roof... just in case of a gnome invasion.  

Not only is this adorable fairy house a fun sculpture but it's also a vase!  In the spirit of the Ikebana you can place flowers through the escape hatches and chimney in the roof.  The roof comes off for easy cleaning.  

The entire house is handbuilt from cone 5 stoneware clay.  The walls are brown that has bluish/grey tones.   The vines are different shades of green.  The roof is a mossy green with a tan chimney.  The inside is brown with blues, pinks and purples in the glaze.