Wood Fired

This collection reminds me of the earth through its warm colors and use of flame to color the pots.  They were all fired in our local wood kiln which uses the floating wood ash within the kiln to create the beautiful warm tones of the glazes.  Each pot has color and patterns that are unique.  The drips on the work are considered a "gift from the kiln".  Sometimes a piece will come out with a unique shape made entirely by the ash and flames.  This tumbler is one of those pieces.  The heart on the front was a surprise and I consider it another gift from the kiln. 

The inside of the pieces are glazed using a food safe, lead free liner glaze.  The outside of the pots are often left bare to allow the flames to paint them.  They're loaded into the kiln and go through 36-48hr firing process.  The kiln is stoked around the clock by several shifts of potters.  The kiln will take an additional 4-5 days to cool down. 

This collection is part of an ancient tradition of community firing and using the flames and ash to glaze the pots. 

These pots are both beautiful and food safe.

These pots are fired seasonally and with a limited schedule.  It is not possible to purchase these if they are Out of Stock.