Bonnie L. Richter

Bonnie Richter is a ceramic artist who is originally from NYC and now calls a small lake in the Capital region of upstate NY home.   She has spent the last 10 years learning how to make pots that help add beauty and character to our everyday lives.  She enjoys finding ways of making the everyday acts of eating, drinking and entertaining a special event through her pottery.   

Bonnie draws on her travels in Europe, Australia and the North America as well as her love of nature and NYC roots for design inspiration.   She uses throwing and handbuilding techniques to create her pots while incorporating lessons learned from several well known teachers including Barbara Reeley, Val Cushing, Stephen Procter, Greg Crowe, Kelly Smith, Mary LaFleur, Charlie and Linda Riggs, Chandra DeBuse and Hayne Bayless.   

Although most of her work is functional and often quirky she also has a passion for the simple elegance of Horsehair Raku and pit firing.  She loves the ancient traditions and unpredictable nature of these techniques.   The pit fire decorates the pots with evidence of the flames themselves and the horsehair allows her to add precise but still random decoration to the work.

Bonnie teaches throwing and handbuilding at Monroe ClayWorks in Troy, NY.  She enjoys showing her students the endless possibilities that clay has to offer and seeing her students develop a passion for clay work.

As one customer recently put it “you’re putting the fun into functional and the pretty in practical”. 

You can find Bonnie’s work at 3rd Street Pottery in Troy NY.  You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram at Bonnierichterpottery



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